About The California Water Environment Association


The California Water Environment Association (CWEA) is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, tax-exempt under section 501(c)3 of the internal Revenue Code and its California counterpart. CWEA is dedicated to the educational development of its members, who are wastewater professionals. CWEA conducts training, disseminates information, produces training manuals, and tests for competency.

CWEA has been California’s leader in wastewater training and certification since 1927. Every year, CWEA offers hundreds of educational events locally, regionally, and state-wide, training thousands of wastewater professionals annually.

CWEA also certifies wastewater professionals in six specialties, with up to four grade levels each: Collection System Maintenance, Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance, Laboratory Analysis, Biosolids Land Application Management, Environmental Compliance Inspection, and Industrial Treatment Plant Operations. Of CWEA’s nearly 9,000 members, over 5,500 currently hold certificates. Each year CWEA give approximately 1,100 tests through a complex set of 21 validated certifications. Many wastewater agencies use the certificate as a basis for hiring and promotion decisions.

CWEA also recognizes outstanding wastewater professionals and agencies through local and statewide annual awards programs that include over 20 categories and gives out over 350 awards for the service and accomplishments of our members.

Most of CWEA’s members (about 80 percent) work for wastewater agencies, both large and small, throughout the state. About 13 percent work for consulting engineering firms that work closely with agencies. And approximately 3 percent work for equipment manufacturers serving the wastewater industry.