Product Spotlight – TM Inductions EasyTherm Heaters


TM Induction Heating has manufactured induction heaters for more than 25 years, under the brand name “TM Induction Heating”. Induction heaters used for the mounting of bearings, bushings, gears, pulleys and couplings. Through constant innovation and our extensive experience we are able to offer a technical and reliable product.


Workflow Advantages

  • Fast controllable heating process
  • Safe heating process; only the work piece is heated
  • Elimination of hot oil bath, no risk of localized overheating
  • Suitable for sealed and shielded bearings
  • Suitable for pre-greased bearings
  • Suitable for bearings with polyamide cages


Technical Advantages

  • Fast heating process through high output; Cos phi > 0,8
  • In the horizontal position your workpiece will heat up twice as fast
  • The heating coil is placed horizontal under the workpiece
  • Due to the horizontal placement it is impossible to damage the coil
  • Ensuring an equal temperature in your workpiece
  • Continuously usable without any cooling system
  • Constant monitoring of heating process using a probe and microprocessor
  • Maintenance free
  • Three years warranty
  • Easy to use; user friendly design
  • Ergonomic design (pivoting yoke principle)
  • Automatic power regulation, no manual pre-setting necessary
  • Less than 2A/cm residual magnetism
  • Manufactured and tested according to the CE, UL and GS Regulations